Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary Ltd

The Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary helps refugees migrate to Australia

Our government pays air fares for only a minority of refugees who come here Most of the families who have valid humanitarian visas are expected to raise money themselves to pay the airfare to Australia.

NBRS lends them the airfare interest free. Once the families are settled in Australia, they are expected to repay the loan over two years Then the money can be used to bring other members of their community here

Such families have suffered greatly. They are escaping horrors unimaginable to Australian families All they need to escape such horrors is help with the airfare They cannot raise money if they are in a refugee camp, while family members in Australia are mostly new arrivals and do not have the ability to source such funds.

We have helped refugees from over 40 countries since we started in 2003. We focus on those who have been granted a Special Humanitarian Visa but with the changing nature of refugee arrivals we are now helping more refugee families through the orphan relative program and also the spousal and child migration program.

With the lack of visas available for refugees and the overwhelming demand, many refugees use the family migration program to reunite with their families. It is more expensive but quicker than the  refugee program.