Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary Ltd

The Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary (NBRS) helps refugees migrate to Australia.

The families who have valid humanitarian visas are expected to pay the airfare to Australia. Most refugees are destitute. They cannot pay the airfare and their family in Australia are mostly new arrivals who can’t afford the airfare.  A family of 5 costs between $7,000 and $10,000. NBRS lends them the airfare interest and fee free. After arrival, they are expected to repay the loan over two years. The money is then used to bring the next refugee family.

We started in 2003 and have helped over 7,900 from 47 different countries. Last year we helped over 500 people.

We are all volunteers and our only expenses are bad debts and Centrelink transaction fees. This is about $40 per person which is about 2% of our turnover. For each $1,500 we raise we can help an additional person come to Australia each year. Each $40 we raise will cover the ongoing costs of one new arrival.