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Welcome to the NBRS Summer 2020 Newsletter

This will be the shortest newsletter ever, as there is very little to report. The last six months has been a very difficult time for the whole world. Here in Australia we have seen borders closed and flights cancelled. We have seen the virus controlled due to lockdowns and wonderful contact tracing. We have a lot to be grateful for.

We have only helped 7 people with airfares in the last 6 months. It brings our total to 7057.

Our bank balance is increasing with the repayments of outstanding loans. We currently have over $550,000 in the bank which will continue to grow as I can’t see the borders opening for many months. When the borders do open, we will have money in the bank ready to help. Hopefully, the cost of airfares will fall once there is a vaccine.

We were extremely disappointed to see the Government cut the number of visas granted to refugees. It has been reduced from 18,750 to 13,750 per year for the next four years. We should be increasing the number of refugee visas granted not reducing them.

We are not looking for donations at this time.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a better 2021.

David Addington