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Welcome to the NBRS Summer 2022 Newsletter

We have had a busy six months with 253 airfares. They have arrived from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Myanmar, South Sudan and Congo. The largest numbers were from Syria and Iraq.

The Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary started assisting with airfare loans in 2003. In that time we have assisted 7886 people from 47 different countries.

We are still seeing strong demand for assistance. The cost of airfares has almost doubled in the last six months. It costs about $3,000 per person so a family of 6 will be almost $18,000. We are limiting our loans to $2,000 per person as we just don’t have enough money. We have a waiting list of about 4 weeks.

The other large loan scheme, which has operated for many years, has now stopped lending.

Australia’s refugee program was cut during the COVID outbreak. The numbers were reduced from 18,750 to 13,750. The Labor party’s policy was an increase in allocation to 27,000 by 2025. This will significantly increase the demand for our assistance.

Sadly, the number of refugees in the world continues to rise. The war in Ukraine has caused a large refugee movement in Europe. It will increase the demand on our services. We will continue to help as many as we can.

This week we helped a family of 5 from Iraq. The sponsor was unable to raise the airfare as she was supporting the family in Iraq. We were able to help, her joy and happiness was infectious. It is such a stress on the sponsor. They are often newly arrived in Australia and want to support the refugee family. It doesn’t make it easy to save the airfare. When the family arrive, they will need to settle into Australia’s way of life. It is foreign to them and difficult to learn English. They have support of their family and the community but more importantly no one is trying to kill them; they also have food to eat and availability of medical care.

We also helped a family of three from Afghanistan. It is the second time we have helped the sponsor. The sponsor was an interpreter for the Australian Defense Force. He said the following

And not to forget David Thank you so so much for your support and help Because it is your organisation that helps me brought my family here to Australia and my family member have great life here in Australia So thank you so so much

We also helped a family of seven. They are the sponsors mother and his siblings. They are from South Sudan. The sponsor had saved for the flights but by the time the visas were granted the airfares had increased. We were able to help, and the family have now arrived. It will be a big celebration at Christmas.

We received an email which is below.  I have removed the names.

I hope my email finds you in good health.

I would like to start by presenting myself. My cousin who has been talking to your good selves about our urgent need for your kind help and support regarding our tickets purchase which will enable us to arrive to Sydney Australia.

On Friday the 9 th of September 2022, we received our IMMI Cards and Visas. In the visa grant notice was written that our prior enterance must be done before 14th of October, otherwise it won't be possible to enter the country which we've been waiting for so long.

Months ago, my cousin talked to your good selves asking the financial support for this issue, and your kind reply was to send you our Immi cards to start the required procedures but at that time we didn't have them, but were so happy that you agreed to help. Your kind assistance and support are so much needed since we are not able to pay the amount of 4 adults tickets in cash right now , because we don't own it, although since we received the acceptance phone call from the embassy we tried our best to start working for the sake of this, but as you know the circumstance in Lebanon and their strict employment rules for Syrian Citizens ( we are not allowed to work - no one agreed to give us a chance to work even a part time job).

Honestly speaking we are afraid to lose this precious chance of arriving to Sydney if you don't accept to help us and we don't know anyone there who can.

Now we are looking forward to receive your kind approval of accepting to help us, as you've done once with my cousin when they needed a helping hand you did it without hesitation, we hope to receive the same help as well.

The email encapsulates our work and why we do it. Refugees who need help to escape and travel to Australia. They are so close to escaping but just need the airfare. They then repay it and we use it for the next family.

We are looking for donations if you can help. There is a large demand and we don’t have enough money to help everyone.

Donations are tax deductible and reused many times. The average loan is outstanding for just over a year. Our bad debts are less than 1% of the cost of the airfare.

If you want to help please transfer the money to our account.

The Northern Beaches Refugee Sanctuary Ltd
Commonwealth Bank. BSB 062197
Account 10993154

Please email me your details so that I can email you a tax receipt.

Have a very Happy Christmas.

David Addington


Contact us at
Address: 32 Aitken Ave Queenscliff NSW 2096